With 15 years of professional furniture design
Shape creation works design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is Create wealth Furniture Co., Ltd Its subsidiaries,Huizhou, Create wealth Furniture Co., Ltd,Huizhou focus on the whole house custom furniture production, After 15 years of development formed a set of professional design, production, sales, Service as one of the home design custom enterprises.

Contact information

  • Phone:0755-2227 4895
  • Fax:0755-2227 4896
  • Mailbox:creative_design228@163.com
  • Business hours:10:00——20:00 (Monday to Sunday)
  • Furniture Co., Ltd,Dongfeng village,Xinxu Town,Huiyang District,Huizhou
  • Hong Kong office:Zhuyang Fulbright Center Room A, 5 / F,5-7 street,Huotanhuang,Hong Kong
  • Address:Tianbei Building materials market on the second floor of Shop B21,Wenjin North Road,Luohu district,Shenzhen

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